Titov Island with a dreamlike beach

One of the most famous sights in Ha Long Bay and symbol of Vietnam-Soviet friendship, Titov Island is an unforgettable holiday destination during the trip to Halong Bay.

 Titov Island with a dreamlike beach

Titov Island was named “Sand in the Sun”. On Jan. 22, 1962, President Ho Chi Minh and the astronaut of the Soviet Union Gherman Titov visited the island, President Ho renamed the island to the name of the astronaut. In September 2015, Titov heroic statue made of Thanh Hoa blue stone, nearly 6m high, weighing more than 26 tons, was inaugurated on this island to express the friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union.

 Titov heroic statue was inaugurated on this island to express the friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union

Titov Island is about 7-8km south-east from the harbor, and on the island there is a crescent-shaped beach that surrounds the foot of the mountain, small but airy. All year round, the beach is clean and clear. Sand is washed by tides so it is always white.

 Titov Island with a dreamlike beach

In the itinerary of many Cruise, Titov is the place that tourists must visit, so guests can have the opportunity to bathe, kayak, or climb the mountain to view the whole island.

 Titov Island with a dreamlike beach

Currently, in addition to visiting the island directly by boat and yacht, visitors can choose another service is also very famous in Ha Long Bay, which is the seaplane. From the seaplane, tourists can enjoy the beautiful island of Titov with romantic beaches as well as panorama Ha Long and save the most unique pictures.

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